Movie Morning Sunday

Hi all,

Elad and I touched base and we’ve confirmed I will borrow the DVD tomorrow so we can definitely have the screening of the DVD of Guruji teaching 3rd and part of 4th series at my place Sunday after practice. Given practice ends at 9.45, let’s shoot to start the DVD around 10.45. Bring food/drink to share or just bring yourselves. 🙂 If someone has a coffeemaker to bring, that’d be great. I’ll have fixings for tea and some food.

I’ve been asked to show my film, PUP, during the morning so if folks want to see it, I’d be glad to put that on too. The Guruji vid is 1 hr. 40 min’s so my guess is, if you’ve seen that and want to come just for this, that it’ll likely go on around 12.30 or so.

RSVP wiseorchid at yahoo dot com.

Looking forward to it,

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