Morning Mysore Project Update

Hi all,

Philippe created a great way for Dave and I to coalesce all the images we took in one place:

We’d love to know which images stand out for you as ones you’d enjoy in a calendar as we move forward conceptualizing the project. At the same time, we want to be clear that because we’ll be considering the calendar wholistically – thematically, artistically – that the pix with the most votes won’t necessarily be the ones in the final calendar. There are TONS of images so just scan and pick your faves. If you’re busy, no worries as we’ll narrow things down soon.

Also: Wendy Spies – who made the header – is going to be doing graphic design. 🙂

Finally~ I am curious: What is this practice for you? Why do you show up on the mat, daily? How does it affect or hold a space in your life? (I’m musing that perhaps quotes like these from the community could become a part of the calendar. Or, at least, they will help me imagine as we move forward. )

wiseorchid at yahoo dot com


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