Morning Mysore Calendar Project Pix

Hi all,

Dave and I will be trading off shooting mornings this week. Then, after the week, we’ll see where we’re at.

I’ll be ongoingly uploading my pix as they’re being shot here.

Some are fantastic. Some are cute. Some catch, well, awkward moments and there was a fantastic moment just before or after that unfortunately ended up unuseably blurred. But all catch y’all in your real-life yogi/ni gorgeousness. ;0)


7/26 Update: Pix from Monday 7/24 and today, Thursday 7/27 are also up now. Yes, per Dave’s posting, we’d love to know which ones stand out to you as images you think would be good in a calendar. Some of the gorgeous close ups Dave shot Wed. inspired me to try to do some more close ups today.

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