More goings on

First, if you read the last post and went, yeah yeah yeah and went on, that’s fine but I must say if you care about music at all go back and click on Drew’s video before you decide whether or not you want to attend that Kirtan.OK, enough said about that. But do check him out I think there’s something pretty cool about to happen at YIY on Sunday evening.

And we are making a slight change to this weekend’s workshop. The only class we will change is the Sun 12:30 pm class, we will convert it from Primary Series Part 2/ Pranayama to a slightly shorter class with a Question and Answer Session with David followed by a pranayama talk and practice. If you are currently signed up for this class there should be an email in your inbox telling you your options. If you want to sign up for this do not register online if you have already registered, just tell me and bring me or Sabina a check. If you haven’t registered for anything give us a day or so since Philippe will be updating this from remote. He’s on Greek time right now….

And as far as cost, this session is currently 50 for the single class, 40 if you are already registered for one or two other classes, and 30 if you already bought a package that didn’t include this class. Comment if you need my email, and or have any questions.

And finally Eva Walter and Alex would like to invite you to a potluck at her house this Saturday night, the 25th of June in honor of David’s workshop and just for fun. Please email her evachowe at for her address and what you plan to bring. I still have a bag of napkins and plates etc from the last potluck so there’s no need to bring any of those…..Potluck will run from 630 to 900 or thereabouts. David intends to be there too…

Best, and see you all soon on the mat,

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