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I leave Purple Valley on the 20th then on to practice with Rolf & Marci.  I was fortunate to have found a room near their shala as I understand places to stay are getting hard to find.  I guess I could have stayed on the beach with the dogs, cows and hippies!

We have mysore practice in the morning then workshops in the afternoon.  The workshops have so far been about  pranayama and chanting.  Breathing is not my strongest thing but I’m trying to make the most of it.  Dena and Jack and their assistant Annetta, are positive, encouraging and Dena asked me to take ‘can’t’ out of my vocabulary when she assisted me in doing a handstand.  The people doing Mysore begin at 6:30 am, we all start together after a little chanting, then do our practice.  We need to be done by 8:30 so the lead class for beginners can start.  That’s not giving me enough time to practice so today I cut out a couple of my not so favorite poses and did my finishing postures in about 5 breaths total.

I’ve met a woman practicing at purple valley who teaches in Costa Rica – Mariela.  I am already thinking about taking a trip to practice with her and study Spanish as well.

The shala is chillier than I’m used to but the humidity makes it a little easier to be bendy.  It’s a very nice place to practice with the background sounds of birds singing, roosters crowing and cows mooing.

A couple of weeks ago a teacher from London – not sure of her name (Os or Oz?) had a brain hemorrage (sp?) and died suddenly.  She had been in India practicing at the time and her loss has affected the Londoners practicing at purple valley.  Dena guided us in a chant to honor her.  It was beautiful and I cried.

I miss home, my husband, my cats and YIY!  But this is such a good experience for me.  Dena has been talking to us about finding space in our bodies to help us move more deeply, breathe more deeply.  Being here has encouraged me to allow more space in my life – to try and do different things – like walking around the streets of India by myself, by introducing myself to new people and to try to be okay (not there yet) without all the comforts of home.  Ahhh…the wonders of yoga!

I have a picture of Walter on my nightstand by my bed.  It’s one of him with a huge smile on his face looking so happy and adorable!  I don’t need to tell you how his photo makes me feel!  Hi Walter!  Don’t forget your Auntie Karen!

Please write and tell me how you are and any YIY news.  Any news about when Beata will return?

Much love!


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