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I have updated this listing as Nancy added some clarification regarding the weeklong clinic: If you are familiar with primary series she is happy to have you join us. Daily practice is a bonus but not necessary for this clinic.

Nancy is doing two workshops at yiy in about a month. The first is an adjustment/technique clinic for serious practitioners and teachers and the registration for it is here. This is for folk that want to deepen their practice and learn some adjustment techniques and teaching techniques if they are interested in one day teaching, or if you are just curious to study with Nancy in depth. If you want to take the weeklong workshop and aren’t sure if its the right thing to do you can email me or talk to me in person and I will do whatever I can to help clarify if it is something you would benefit from attending.

The weekend workshop is for anyone who wants to attend. Nancy been teaching Ashtanga yoga for over 35 years and brings the perspective of being a healer to her teaching. She spent a lot of time studying with Pattabhi Jois in a small group setting and had a close relationship with him.  Her presence and perspective on the practice is a very grounded one that I’m sure most of you will appreciate it.

Several people from around here have spent time studying with her, Stu has taken her clinic before and Beata and I have as well. Wendy, Terrence, Ross, Laurel and Paul have all studied with her if you want any additional perspectives on Nancy and what she is about.

We do these workshops for the express purpose of bringing different perspectives to students. I strongly feel it important to show people not just what this does for us here and now but also over years, and I like to bring teachers here who have been doing this practice for many years.  I don’t expect all of you to attend any or all of these workshops, but like to see people gain something from going when they can and have the interest.

Hope this helps anyone who wanted more information.

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