Mitchell will be Rolfing

Hi folks,

I will post more regarding Kirsten and Mitchell’s visit when I get another hour or so free, but right now I wanted to post a note from Mitchell about booking Rolfing sessions with him while he is here. Historically everyone ends up booking with him towards the end of their stay, and this means there is less time to work with. Most people love his work, and I suggest if you want to make sure he has time to work on you, that you book early.

Please also note they are here stateside as of June 20th, so I’m pretty certain that is when the phone number will start functioning.

Here’s the note:

Mitchell will offer SI/Rolfing sessions while here at YIY (from June 23 thru mid-July). SI is deep integrative bodywork with a specific focus on alignment. Individual sessions, as well as the traditional series, are available upon request. Please book ahead if possible, as this schedule tends to fill up.

Mitchell is certified as an Advanced practitioner of Structural Integration (‘SI’) and has practiced various forms of bodywork over the past 35 years. His focus on SI speaks of its long-term and observable efficacy.

Mitchell is also a long-term practitioner/authorized teacher of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Contact Mitchell at : smitchellgold at yahoo dot com or message at (510) 227-8385

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