Message from Ray

I want everyone in Mountain View to know that you are in my thoughts and that I really feel a lot of gratitude for the time that I have been given with you. I’m still very busy setting up my life in Sonora and catching up on deferred activities, but I’m hitting the mat every day at 7 am – except Saturdays, and last Tuesday, a moon day.
I went to check out some of the yoga studios and instructors on Tuesday, and found that there was a summer solstice celebration at the Yoga Loft here in Sonora. I stayed for 54 suryanamaskars, but I wish I could have been with you all and Connie,

There are things going on here – there was some kind of Sufi workshop this weekend that I had to miss out on due to family activities, and there is a Shambhala meditation group that meets on Thursday evenings two doors down from us.

I’ll post some more later, but I need to give some coherence to my comments. I’ll be receiving a digital camera this weekend as a service award from work, so there will be pictures as well.

Love to you all,

2 thoughts on “Message from Ray

  1. PaulK

    Hi Ray,

    Good to hear that settling into your new life includes keeping up your practice. A good sign.

    Do come join us at the studio next time you are down this way visiting. We miss you.


  2. Ken


    Thanks for bloging. Glad to hear that your jubilation is beginning well. Hope we see you again,


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