Looking for black mat

Eve asked me to post this:

I’m looking for a used (or new, though not likely) black Manduka mat, in its earlier incarnation. I had one a long time ago but gave it to a friend. The new one Peter Sterios has designed is very nice and high-tech, and I have one of these, but I’m yearning for the older, slightly more padded one for my home studio.

I’ve tried everywhere, Craig’s List, eBay, even called Manduka offices to see if they have the original one tucked away someplace but they haven’t produced it for over two years now, so nada.

Anyone out there who has one in decent condition and would like to sell… I’d love to buy it. I’m in Venice, CA.

I’m new to this blog and so not sure how to handle contact info, but I’ll check back for comments.

Thank you!

[if you have one please leave a comment on this post]

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