Looking for a Laptop


Laptop AND printer FOUND! Thanks to Christina and Mike Falco!
Thanks to my yoga friends for helping out…Laurel

Hi Yoga Friends,

I am looking for a laptop that anyone does not use anymore and would like to unload, donate (or sell cheap) to a school mate of mine that is graduating from DeAnza and going off to Cal State Long Beach in the Fall.

He is 23, lives with a cousin, works long hours at a Home Depot, is on the basketball team here, and wants to go into Industrial Design. Working with him on our final project today on my laptop, I found out he has no computer. Michael is so bright, really kind we’ve both helped each other a lot this quarter. This Stats class has been a hurdle for him to be able to transfer to a CSU and he’s worked hard at it.

I’d love to see him do well in college and I think he will but it’d be so cool for him to have a laptop to go off to college with. You can email me at


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  1. Ross


    I have an OLD laptop and printer that I am not using and had been planning to take to the Goodwill as part of the clean up prior to travelling. Your friend is welcome to both. If they are not too old and antiquated.

    Let me know,


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