Live Video Stream of Asthanga Workshop

Sharath’s workshop in New York is going to be broadcast live on the web.
This will be available to anyone with internet access free of charge.
After the class, Sharath will give also give a 15 minute talk that will also be part of these broadcasts.

The broadcast will take place on two consecutive Fridays (a bit early for us on the West coast I guess):

April 8 & 15 at 3:30am PDT (10:30am GMT/UTC — 6:30pm Hong Kong — 9:30pm Sydney)

Here is the link where the live video will be hosted:

One thought on “Live Video Stream of Asthanga Workshop

  1. Jenifer Santer

    Do any of our techie yogis know a way to capture the videos so we can watch them at a later time? I’m interested in watching during the daytime.


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