Leigha Nicole Workshop

From the YiY website:

Intro to the Second Series (Nadi Shodhana)
Saturday Sept 6, 2008     9:45-11:45am
$40 prepay, $45 at the door

This workshop will explore the first half of the second series of Ashtanga yoga.  Basic backbending techniques will be covered with modifications and partner work for the more advanced postures.  Students should be familiar with the primary series, but no second series experience is required.

Adjustment and Technique
Sunday Sept 7, 2008     2:00-5:00pm
$50 prepay, $55 at the door

Come and learn the principles of hands-on adjusting and learn how to work intelligently and safely as a teacher and student.  Anatomy and alignment principles will be explored and discussed.  The asanas from the standing sequence of the primary series will be the focus.  This workshop is suggested for teachers wanting to further their training and also appropriate for students who are looking to deepen their practice.


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