Leigha Nicole to sub for the next three days of Mysore classes

Hi folks,

I know this is a bit last minute but it’s how things work out sometimes. While the lovely Leigha Nicole was here assisting Tim Miller last weekend I asked her if she was able to come in for a few days cover so I could have a little time away. It turns out she will be back in Colorado soon, so this coming weekend was when she could come. She will be teaching in my place Sunday March 25th to Tuesday March 27th, and I will be back on Wednesday.

I know a few of you know Leigha Nicole from previous visits and I am sure you will appreciate her gifted and experienced touch.

To those who are new. Leigha does know what she’s doing, but as with any new or visiting teacher, please do tell her if you have anything going on that she should know about, ie any injury pregnancy, etc. And since it will be presumably quite busy please if you can say it in as succinct of a way as you can that will be of enormous benefit all around. I will do my best to communicate with her as to what I know that is going on with everyone, but in case, don’t be afraid to communicate.

Thank you, to Leigha, and thanks to you guys. I hope this can be a treat for all of you as it will be for me.

See you all on Wednesday.


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