Kriya Yoga Congress 2010 San Jose

Just after our recent sutra discussion on Kriya Yoga, Julianne Rice who teaches at YiY, sends this:

I wanted to share something exciting that I will be participating in March. It is quite an honor to have been asked to teach a class at the 3rd International Kriya Yoga Congress. I have been asked and it will happen March 18-20 in San Jose this year. Last year it happened in Atlanta. Some of the most reknown meditation and yoga philosophy teachers in the world (from the US, Italy, Germany, England and Africa) will be presenting, I will be one of only two hatha yoga teachers teaching. I am thrilled. The link is here…
once you click on it, go to brochure and then scroll down to page 7
and/or go to presenters and then to schedule

Maybe some people from YIY may want to come (it’s free – on a donation basis). You can go to any part that you want to at any time. Just walk into the hotel, participate as you can and respectfully walk out.

If you look at the schedule page you can see that Roy Eugene Davis himself is teaching two morning meditation seminars (he was a direct disciple of Yogananda – the teacher who wrote Autobiography of a Yogi). He is a great presence, teacher and example of what it is to live the sutras and to live a life grounded in methodical meditation. He is quite a powerhouse. I have sat with him several times in the last 25 years. The seminars are 3 hours long – one on Friday 9-12N and one on Saturday 9-12N. I know that you and most of your students will be busy during those hours, but if there is even ONE that you know of that just LOVES meditation please either have them call me or check this out. This is like a once in a lifetime chance to sit with so many meditation heroes:-) The Congress plans to attract 400-500 people this year.

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