Krishnamacharya Book

A book written by Krishnamacharya, Pattabhi Jois’ guru, is available in full in pdf format on the web:

The title means “The Essence of Yoga” and it was written around 1934, translated in English in 2006.

It’s well worth reading and has interesting photos to boot.

One thought on “Krishnamacharya Book

  1. Anne

    To put this book in context, there are a few books out there both by and about Krishnamacharya. This is a book he wrote DURING the time period where he was teaching Pattabhi Jois. This is as close as we might come to knowing his thoughts on yoga at that time.

    Siddharth was kind enough to bring back a copy of this book actually translated by Desikachar (Krishnamachaya’s son) that was translated from
    the origina Kannada it was written in but is only available in India at this time.

    This “D” version was translated in the 80s at a time when they were able to ask Krisnamacharya what he meant as they translated the book, and they were able to include this in the commentary.

    As Phillippe is about to leave for India I highly recommend we send him with a book order for those who are interested in reading the Desikachar teanslation of this book.

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