Komala Villas in Sunnyvale

So at Guruji’s first day of world Tour 2006 in SF, a bunch of ashtangis from YiY were requesting that we (Sarita and I) should post some of our favorite Indian Restaurants – I am very critical of Indian food cooked in restaurants (generally find them too oily and not fresh..) but I also like Amber India, Santana Row. I particulary enjoy the fusion mix that the executive chef creates seasonly.

As far as South Indian food, a lot of folks who are from S.India and Tamil Nadu (including Sarita’s husband KC) think Komala Villas is pretty authentic and good. I don’t remember ever eating there but will try it soon –

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  1. bala

    Dipita, thanks for the note on Komala Vilas. I would agree with you that the food is authentic. It is like the food at my aunty’s house, the aunty who is not a very good cook!

    Service could be spotty too. I am a South Indian too and I go there occassionally because it is the only place that serves a three course meal, sambar, rasam and butter milk. Usually there is a dry vegetable (curry as it is called at home) and a wet vegetable (kootu as it is called). Chapati/poori/paratha is optional, but what’s the fun in eating bread in a South Indian restaurant?

    They have idli/vada/dosa’s for breakfast and in the afternoon/evening hours. Not bad. South Indian coffee is $1 and varies from good to so-so but at a $ it is a good price.

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