Kirsten and Mitchell

I am happy to official announce that we will be hosting two guest teachers to teach the morning Mysore classes for September and possibly October, Kirsten Berg and Mitchell Gold. Both are experienced teachers that are authorized to teach by Sri K Pattabhi Jois. They regularly teach in Bali or Thailand.

You can read about them at:

Mitchell is also trained in Structural Integration, and if you have been interested in getting Rolfed, definitely let me or Mitchell know when he gets here. He will be accepting clients during their time here.

Ashtanga is a sometimes very open box. That is to say many teachers teach from widely varying points of view. Different teachers will see different aspects of your practice, and sometimes even ask you to do seemingly conficting things. While it can lead to conflict, most often it doesn’t when we can allow ourselves to consider what we take in in the context of our existing practice, play with it, and apply what works for our own body. Try what they have to offer us on for size, and trust the process to take us where we need to be ultimately. It is a most rewarding process, if we allow it to be.

Their starting and finishing dates are a bit loose at this point, but they should start following Labor Day weekend on Tuesday or Wednesday. Stay tuned for their end teaching date.

We would like to start inviting in senior teachers for 1-2 month visits a few times per year, to vary the program, and indeed give us all the opportunity to practice with different teachers in a setting more lasting that a weekend workshop. However we want to proceed on a case by case basis, and welcome and invite your ongoing feedback. Those teachers that seem to work for the majority of our community here will be invited back with regularity, as their schedules allow.



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