Kapalabhati Workshop

This Friday March 5 at 8:00am PT, instead of the usual Pranayama session we will have a 30 minute mini-workshop on Kapalabhati.

It’s a free workshop and no need for any prior experience. Sign up here or just join the normal pranayama class on

As per AshtangaYogaGirl, it is the ‘most important kriya for yogis’:

Kapalabhati involves forcefully expelling the breath out through the nostrils using the lower transverse abdominus muscle. The exhalation is active and the inhalation is passive. This creates a very slight CO2 debt in your body, so that when you move on to practise a slower-breathing pranayama exercise (like alternate nostril breathing), your breath is longer, deeper and it’s easier to enter a calm and meditative state.

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