Jazz in the City

Hey folks,

Wanted to let everyone know a friend of mine, Emy Tseng, is singing at Ireland’s 32 Pub in San Francisco this weekend from 7-9:30. She’s been singing at cafes, coffee shops and smaller venues for a while now and has just started getting larger gigs. She does mostly Brazilian jazz. Sunday’s show will consist of two sets. The first set will be Jason Gouveia doing 70s, 80s & 90s covers with Emy joining in. The second set will be Brazilian jazz with Emy being joined by Shawn Laureyns on guitar and Laura Boytz on cello. The second set will start around 8:15. I’ll definitely be there, it would be great to have a crowd. I don’t know much about the pub other than they do serve some food but I’m not sure what and when. If folks are interested I’m sure we can find something to eat..

No excuses now, Monday is a moon day so you can get a little wild and stay out past your bedtime.

If you have any questions let me know – stu

3 thoughts on “Jazz in the City

  1. stuw

    sorry for the slow response, just getting the hang of this blogging.

    the jazz was good, as was the covers. there was a good crowd of people that showed up though there was room for more. she usually sings every couple of weeks or so, if folks are interested i’ll post future events. unfortunately very few have fallen on weekends lately…


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