Invitation to sleep in a bit

Please feel free for Mondays and Tuesdays to sleep in a bit and come to class at seven or even seven-thirty. I have few people to adjust between eight and eight-thirty, so if you would like more adjustments please feel free to attend class later.

Being in a busy class can be a good chance to trust the practice itself a bit, and be patient. Sometimes the challenge is seeing what you can do on your own. I find that personally, when I am in India, or attending a busy class here, what I need that day always seems to happen, even if it’s feeling frustrated or ignored. And sometimes when I try getting into a pose alone, the chance to work on something myself is in fact more of what I needed.

Remember this practice, it is about more than getting adjusted, as nice as it can be to get adjusted. If we fall into that we risk seeing the practice as a sort of obstacle course or gymnastics, rather than the internal and spiritual practice that it can be.



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