Hindi & Salsa music mix…video on YouTube

Hello Ashtangees!

Giju John, one of my best friends and an engineer at Intel recently had a worldwide relase of his first album.  It is a rhythm filled album with a mix of Hindi pop (Bollywood style) and latin rhythms.

 Originally from Kerala, Giju has been living in the bay area for 8 years. During this time, he began salsa dancing and is currently a member of my dance team. (Salsamania Dance Company.) Giju is our top dancer and has represented our team twice at the World Salsa Championships.  Thanks to his hard work Salsamania is currently ranked third in the world.

Since the CD became available, I have been listening to it non-stop!

The album has 8 songs sung in Hindi, but peppered with world rhythms. The album includes: salsa, ChaChaCha, A Capella (this is one of my favorites), techno with an Arabic mix, Indian Rock and a duet with Sadhana Sargam.

The first of it’s kind, Giju has been touring India and Europe promoting the album. The title track: Rang Rangeeli is posted on YouTube and features many of my close friends and dance company members. Typical of Bollywod type music, the album tells a typical love story. Please take a moment to go out and take a look:

Feel free to forward the clip to any friends who might be interested.

If you are interested in the album, it is available on =music&qid=1188416554&sr=8-1 .



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