Helping Tibetan Monks

We’ve been asked to help find some venues for a group of Tibetan Monks who are master artisans, as well as scholars of Buddhism. Their tour of the western United States has a goal of promoting harmony, compassion and tolerance through cultural exchange, interfaith dialogue, and raising funds to provide for the needs of the monastery. They would spend 4-7 days at a site creating a magnificient sand mandala, and then deconstructing the creation in a sacred ceremony. The monks are known for generating a sense of sacredness and peace wherever they are.

They are currently in Portland, OR; and will be in the US for another 3 months. The types of venues I’m thinking could be of interest are universities, museums, pubic spaces/events, churches, corporate headquarters, etc. There is no cost in hosting them although they are looking for donations to support their work.

Here’s a flyer for their tour (1mb pdf): Tibet_Sand_Mandala_Tour_2010

Please contact Sabina if you have ideas.

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