Helping Indonesian Earthquake Survivors

Aska alerted me to a website set up by a long-time student at YiY, Yuliana Candra, to help raise funds for the recovery efforts of the recent devastating earthquake in Indonesia:

We are a group of young professionals from Padang, the city that has recently been flattened by a 7.6 earthquake tremor. We decided to do something to rescue and rebuild our city instead of just watching the news from TV or wasting our time feeling devastated. We know our city like the back of our hand and we are determined to rebuild our city to its previous glory.

Who am I?

My name is Yuliana Candra, I’m the coordinator of this site, this relief and rebuild effort, and this fund. I’m a management consultant based in Silicon Valley, California, currently working at Cisco Systems. I manage projects, improve process efficiency, and teach people how to conserve energy and to be wise about our environment. But these are not important. What important is, I grew up in this city and I want to see it up and running again soon.

I’m working with my alumni network from our beloved Don Bosco High School, which unfortunately is down to only a heavily damaged building frame and a pile of debris. There are thousands of us in our alumni network from class 1970s to 2000s. I’m the alumni of class 1994.

Please help them!

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