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I am passing a message from Meghan. Please help if you can.

The situation in India is increasingly dire…
Dear Friends, 

As I am sure you are all aware, the situation in India is increasingly dire. If you are looking for a place to donate, I am copy/pasting the newsletter Operation Shanti sent out this morning below. Thank you for taking time to read and if you can, make a donation. Their plan for how they intend to distribute aid is listed below. 

 We see and feel what’s going on in India. There are no words. Our kids at Operation Shanti were OK until a couple of days ago when one of our boys tested positive for COVID-19. We are testing more kids and are waiting for their reports. Everything is delayed. We are beyond upset with how the schools were opened up with little precautions, and they were not closed until about 10 days ago. The 10th and 12th grade kids were told to continue in-person classes until last Friday. The complete lack of preparation at the government level is unbelievable. Mysore has not yet been hit as hard as some of the bigger cities in India, but cases are rising. We are doing what we can. Lots of big help from large governments is heading to India to support the country through this devastating second wave. You too can help at the grassroots person-to-person level. Many in Mysore are also suffering, particularly the destitute. We are focusing on destitute individuals, trying to help who we can with cooked food, groceries, and easier and safer access to the COVID-19 vaccine. The government hospital is giving free Covid vaccines, but there is no social distancing in those crowds, so we are directing our people (who would typically use the gov’t hospital because that is where the poor go by default) to private hospitals (which charge for the vaccines). We’ll pay for their shots — about $5.00 each.It is also very difficult for the street vendors and homeless on the streets, especially during a lockdown. To this end, we have two fundraisers. Our original kids (now adults) who were once homeless have volunteered to give back and are helping us help the destitute living on the streets.If you could pass these links around to your friends, it would be greatly appreciated!For India donors – non-India donors –, of course, you can donate through our website – you. Please send positive thoughts to everyone in Mysore and to our kids and staff.The Operation Shanti Team
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