help for an elderly

hello everyone,

I wanted to post this for one of ours, from Philadelphia, Jackie, who comes once in a while with her husband Kirk, to practice. She is looking for help for her Mom who lives here, in Palo Alto.

Here is from Jackie:
“My family has been hiring an “elderly companion” for my Mom in the afternoons – someone to just hang out with her, go on walks, pick out her clothes for the next day, etc. But the friend we’ve been using is not comfortable with the new regulations at the retirement home (which involves weekly COVID tests, a TB test, and a background check) so doesn’t want to continue. Before we hire a Home Health Aide – which she doesn’t really need since she’s already in Assisted Living at Channing House, and it’s much more expensive – we are asking around in case we can find someone locally in the area that might be interested in that kind of gig. And so wondering if you know anyone in the area (Palo Alto) that might already be doing that kind of thing or would feel comfortable doing it? “

please email me if you have any leads, sabina at yogaisyouth dot com.

thank you and hope all are doing well under watchful and masterful leadership of Beata, Philippe and Anne :).

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