Halloween Hot Chocolate Gathering

Our introduction to the Halloween tradition was in 2011, when we moved to the US. On that year, one of the families in our neighborhood put together a haunted house, and were giving out hot chocolate. Unfortunately, their kids have also graduated from high school that year, and so this was the last year of that tradition. We were so impressed by their tradition and the community feel that it created, that we still mention their haunted house every year since. This year, we decided to try and replicate at least part of their tradition. Admittedly, a full on haunted house is way beyond our capabilities, but hot chocolate we can do… So if you are trick or treating this year, and especially if you are not – please come by to say hi, have some hot chocolate and marshmallows, and chat.

Our hot chocolate booth will be standing right next to the path to Gunn High School. Looking forward to seeing many of you on Thursday!


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