Guruji/meditation at six am tomorrow.

There will be another post up in two hours regarding Guruji’s passing today, which is currently in draft purgatory, but for the moment please note we will be at the studio at six tomorrow to meditate in his honor for a 1/2 hour before class. Please feel free to join is at that time, we will keep this up for three days, and also Mojdeh will lead a meditation Sunday evening at six pm if you want to join then.  Starting tomorrow and finishing Sunday, we will have a card to send to the family in Mysore, you are also welcome to bring sweets or flowers for our picture/shrine of Guruji.

2 thoughts on “Guruji/meditation at six am tomorrow.

  1. Dipita

    While I am very saddened to hear the news (there was always a tiny hope in me that was expecting to see him, his sparkling eyes and infinite love again,) I know that he will always have a special place in my heart whether he is alive in body or not! I know he has touched many of us in very special ways and we will all cherish his gifts.

    I would like to be part of the group meditation at the studio this week but due to personal circumstances, I cannot make it – I will be meditating at home for his soul to make a peaceful journey forward.


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