Guruji in SF/YIY during

So this is to repost what will officially go on.

The studio will be open every day. Philippe will teach led primary series classes on Fridays.

If you aren’t a monthly unlimited member, please put five dollars in the cup. Honor system, for liabilities sake much as I know we all want to be helpful to each other, please don’t adjust your neighbor unless they specifically ask you to do so. And if you are the asker, please do what you can to practice alone. It’s a good exercise. Again, honor system.

As far as Guruji, they said they are expecting rough 200 people in the primary series classes, so it will be busy up there, busier than last year. As far as I know you can still drop in, but you may risk not getting a spot, unless you are attending the half primary or second series class.

And the official watch day is Wednesday the 22nd. Watching the second series class will be limited to the people who attended the primary series class that day.



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