Greece Retreat June 2014

Hi there,

I think most of you locally know Philippe and I are planning a retreat on Antiparos in the Greek Islands in June of 2014.

I am putting this up here because I also know that they are some of you who actually don’t go on Facebook and I want to make sure the word is out not just to the local community but also our friends from far and wide.

This trip is something Philippe and I have been working on putting together for quite a while, and our aim is twofold. We want to give people a chance to go away, and practice yoga away from the normal quick one to two hours in the morning.

How often do we get the chance to really absorb the yoga and it’s effects on our body and mind? This retreat will be that chance, to practice, and as much as you like, meditate, chant, discuss sutras, and really take the time to recharge and reset your spirit.

And then do I even need to say it? To be in a place as special as the Greek Islands with our own Philippe Alexis I think will be a unique opportunity to see this place in the company of someone who knows and understands and can show a more personal side of Greece. I know it will be a special time.

I know it is quite a long way to travel in order to do yoga, and I certainly don’t expect everyone to go, but if you are moved to and / or have any further questions you can talk to me or to Philippe.

Oh, and the sign up is live and filling at

Anne and Philippe

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