Gratitude and Good Bye

For 20 years building at 590 Castro Street was home to YiY. Some of you were from the beginning, some still remember the carpet and full wall of mirrors, some are a little newer to the space. For years those walls witnessed our everyday ups and downs, laughters and tears, sweaty practice, transformational practice, ‘I can barely move’ practice. They have seen it all. This room provided the space for our community to grow, meet new friends and share not only chai every morning. On Sunday the 28th is the last Mysore practice in the old room. Say good bye and thank our special room for its service by placing a post-it note on the wall next to the mirror. The post-it notes will be available through the whole week.

We will also plan to have as always a cup of chai on Sunday morning right after practice. And if you feel inspired and would like share some treat please bring it. You know you will make us all very happy.

See you on Sunday


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