Getting ready for hot and dry weather

– talk with Yulia Piskulina, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and acupuncturist, Saturday April 17th, 9am.

Once again we have a please to virtually host a very special  guest Yulia Piskulina. This time Yulia will talk about how to stay healthy and energized during hot and dry season. She will address how to adjust your diet, what are the best foods to include in your daily meals and what food combinations are the least healthy during that time according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. She will also talk about acupressure and breathing techniques that will help you to cool down your body during hot days and to stay balanced during cool nights.

We are meeting on Zoom on Saturday, April the 17th at 9am. If you are interested please sign up using YiY website. If you can’t attend that day but would like to watch the recording later it will be available to all participants.

About Yulia

I grew up in Siberia, had a degree in Public Relations, but was introduced to Chinese Medicine and alternative ways of healing by Taiwanese doctor Zen Master Cuckoo.
I discovered the healing power of acupuncture when I helped Him in his clinic in Goa and Moscow. At first I was sceptical but then blown away by how much it helped hundreds of people in front of my eyes. I immediately quit my job  and started to follow Master Cuckoo all over the world. It was one of the scariest and one of the best decisions I’ve made.

I have been a lover of Traditional Chinese Medicine since then (2008).  I’ve been studying and practicing in Taiwan, Russia, European Union, India (Goa, Mumbai). 

I am an acupuncturist and have completed training in:
Traditional cupping and moxibustion
Gua sha massage 
Facial acupuncture
Dr. Tan Balanced Method Acupuncture

Its my passion to help people discover new ways of feeling their best. And teaching them  to self-heal. The medicine I practice is rooted in a holistic approach. I believe in providing tools for people to help themselves, because for 99% you are doctor for yourself, and 1% is your healer. I invite you to allow me to walk with you on your healing path.

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