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Here is where we post photos of events at YiY and elsewhere related to yoga. Enjoy!

Check out our newest gallery page, and our older galleries too.

Welcome to the World Everett!

On June 25 2004 Sabina & Joseph's (YiY's manager and owner) son Everett was born. Congratulations!

Special Article: Paul's Trip to Bhutan April 2004

Paul King, a dedicated YiY student and master hiker, went to the remote country of Bhutan in the Himalayas. He generously wrote this commentary with a splendid collection of photos.

Anne at a Hungarian wedding in Romania October 2003

Our teacher Anne went to a wedding in Romania. Although this may seem far from yoga, we thought her photos and commentary might be of interest.

Lino Miele Adjustment Workshop November 2003

For the third year in a row, Lino Miele and his assistant Elena De Martin came to Mountain View to teach a week long workshop. These photos were all taken during the Technique & Adjustment workshop.

Philippe's Trip to Yoga Plus in Crete

Philippe went to Crete in Greece in August 2003 for a two week retreat with Radha and Pierre. Here are photos and a commentary.

Anne's Yoga Trip to Maui January 2003

Anne went to Maui in Hawaii to study under the renowned teacher Nancy Gilgoff. Here are some photos of the trip with her insightful commentary.

September '02

Guruji 2002 World Tour in San Francisco

October '01

Patthabi Jois Ashtanga Yoga World Tour (London)
A gallery of photos exclusive to YiY taken in London during Guruji's Ashtanga Yoga World Tour.