Further notes on Lino

A few of you have asked, and Beata and I had a conversation about this yesterday.

Most of you who have been practicing for a while know that each visiting teacher will have a style or approach to the practice. When different teachers visit in a year, one can begin to feel buffeted about by the wind, of how they interpret the practice; each teacher will be different.

I personally find taking a bigger picture view to be important, ie I will always strive to respect the teacher in the room, after all I want to learn from them, and experience how they approach things. And I try not to get caught up in the wind of stylistic differences. There’s always something to learn from each teacher, and the years they have devoted to our lineage.

However for those who are newer to this practice, or curious, I think it helpful to know that in Mysore (as in when practiced in the city in India) or when we attend large workshops, those of us who need to do extensive warm ups before practice usually get up and do our thing before we get to the shala. This allows a certain efficiency in the room, which is helpful especially when we are practicing in a larger group.

If you are curious as to the particular teacher visiting would take a different approach, you can always as an experiment leave in your warm ups in to see their take on things.

And if you have any further questions on things please feel free to pull aside any of your teachers, we all are happy to respond more specifically to your situation and the specific approach you are working with.



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