Full Vinyasa

Hi there,
There have been some questions about full vinyasa, what it is, etc. If there is enough interest, I am happy to hold a special full vinyasa class next Sunday the 10th at noon. For those that haven’t attended a full vinyasa class with either Lino or David Garrigues, typically we actually practice an abbreviated version of the practice (yes, really) as indicated by the fact that the count of our seated postures actually begins with the count for seven, not one.

This class is not good if you have something going on, shoulder tweak, etc. This class is great for teaching you a special occasion sort of practice, or building a little extra stamina and prana, ie it is a great class to take to get ready for Chuck Miller in a few weeks.

If you can come and want to see this class happen, email me before Wednesday indicating you can come, at annefinstad at gmail dot com. If you want to come but can only come the following Sunday June 17th let me know that too, in case that works better for everyone. The class would be 15 for mysore members/one class card session, or 25 drop in.


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