From Mysore

Hi all,

I’ve just arrived in Mysore this afternoon. The trip was very good and after spending the night in Bangalore I got the bus to Mysore this morning. Everything went very smoothly. I rented an apartment very close to the shala (1 minute walking) and I’m moving there tomorrow. Tonight I’m staying at the (Shakti house). Tomorrow I should have a local cell phone as well. I’m still getting to know the place but the first impressions are very good. I’m very excited to be here!

Take care,

4 thoughts on “From Mysore

  1. Ross


    Congrats on arriving. I was just sitting here in Byron wondering if you had arrived and how you were getting on.

    Byron Bay is great and practice has been great and I look forward to getting you to show me around in Mysore in October.


  2. Paul & Laurel

    So good to hear you are there and well. You have been in our hearts…
    We are off to Italy today. My 1st trip to Europe is putting increased flocks of butterflies in my tummy so far…Paul has reminded me to breathe.
    Love and Peace to you

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