Friday Discussion: Octopi

This week I recommended the documentary My Octopus Teacher.

As Erica and Spiros say:

In the film the documentarian dives into the same kelp forest every day to visit the same octopus. His routine doesn’t vary – each day anew he struts to the same beach in South Africa, wades into the same ocean front, and ducks under the surface to observe, study, play with and film this very same cephalopod and her environment. He remarks that people always ask him, “Why are you going to the same place every day?” He responds: “That’s where you see the subtle differences.”

People often ask us as yoga practitioners, “Why are you doing the same routine every day?” Our answer: “That’s where you see the subtle differences.”

Also the octopus has 8 limbs. Coincidence? I think not.

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