Friday Discussion: Hesitation

This podcast discusses a 2014 paper by Alia Al-Saji about hesitation and seeing the world:

[…] Hesitation, which means literally stopping to interrogate your own habits of seeing, and so loosening those habits. It’s like mindfulness, but not if that means stopping and applying some doctrine (compassion or Stoicism or remembering the no-self or anything like that), but being open to real Otherness, to the unexpected, to what people actually have to say for themselves. Al-Saji thinks this can be done without becoming more tentative, more timid (i.e., the way that women are already taught to hesitate and yield as they move around in the world). Instead of walking around in a fixed role (e.g., a cop looking for criminals), we open ourselves up to think and act differently.

Alia Al-Saji

I found many parallels with the philosophy of the yoga sutras.

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