Friday April 20th Update

Hi folks,

As promised, here is the sub schedule for next week while I am gone (along with a few of you 🙂 to Encinitas to practice with Sharath:

Wednesday April 25th – Mojdeh
Thursday April 26th – Mojdeh with Dave
Sunday April 29th – Philippe with Dave

I will be back Monday the 30th, and teach through Thursday May the 3rd. However, the following weekend,

Sunday April the 6th – Philippe will teach with Dave

as I have a family wedding that weekend.

You all have been a great inspiration to me as of late. It’s wonderful to see so many people getting up to do their practice, I hope you inspire each other the way you inspire me.

Also, to follow up on the photo shoot project, we are planning to make a book of photos recording YIY students each doing one or two of their favorite asanas. Hopefully we can record something for posterity, and put together a little money to donate to charity in the process. Tentatively our first date to take photos will be May 19th. I anticipate adding further dates in the future but if you want to participate this is the first day we will be taking photos. Kaelin Colclasure has graciously volunteered to help us out with the Photography that Saturday afternoon.

And lastly, most of you have already asked me, but for those who haven’t asked, or overheard, I will be traveling to India this summer to practice and study in Mysore S. India for the months of July and August. You can look forward to an amazing workshop with Chuck Miller at the end of June (thank you Mojdeh for your wonderful efforts to bring him), followed by one month to six weeks of practice with Kirsten and Mitchell. For those that are new, they usually teach at yiy for a few weeks each year, they are nomadic world traveling authorized ashtanga teachers currently teaching in Thailand. You can read about them here. And this will be offered to students at no additional charge. Though you can, if you like, book Rolfing sessions with Mitchell, as he is an excellent Rolfer who has helped many YIY practitioners over the years.

When they leave mid to late August you can look forward to Beata’s return to teaching until I am back and we regroup for the fall.

Whew, what a lot of good things.

Take care and see you all soon on the mat,


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