For Sherry and Matt

I have told Sherry about our altar asked Sherry if there’s any further way we could help them. This is her response.

“How incredibly lovely…this morning … Timmy went into surgery for the organ transplants.  Blessing that his very healthy organs will sustain several lives and we hope to meet those people some day.

We do have a friend who is coordinating food and other things we may need. She is a dear and a Mom of one of Timmy’s close friends.  Her name is Chrys McCulloch.  Her phone is 650-248-5040 (messages okay) and her email is cmcculloch at

We have set up the Timothy Sullivan Legacy Fund within the Silicon Valley Community Foundation for donations that we will then apply to organizations working in areas of Timmy’s passions.

What would be really helpful is for us to find a way to be at practice.  We want to practice and it is virtually impossible here at home. We are nervous to go to the studio though because we know how intense this is for everyone. We know that people want to connect and it would be hard to connect with everyone and sometimes anyone.  We do feel deeply connected with everyone there through our practice and time over the years.   We don’t want to disrupt or distract.  We’re not sure how to navigate this but being able to come and be in the community in the same quiet, connected way that Mysore expects would be such a gift.  We know that it is hard for everyone and would take time to work out the kinks but we are wanting to find a way.”

I told her I think this would be fairly easy for folks to do.

To be very direct, my understanding from Sherry is they want very much to be able to come to practice and just practice. They asked for the permission to break down as they need to. If we can support them in allowing them to practice and leave in silence that would be the greatest gift that we can give them right now. Please pass this on to folks if they haven’t had a chance to read this blog.


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