Finalizing the schedule for Kirsten and Mitchell’s visit

Hi folks, as promised, we have worked on and finalized the schedule for Mitchell and Kirsten’s teaching while they are here.

Kirsten and Mitchell have asked for a 5 day teaching week, so they will teach Monday to Friday mysore classes. I know that this will make it more difficult for some of you to make it to see them while they are here, but Sundays are already quiet busy and we are concerned that it will actually be too busy for folks to get a reasonable mysore class experience.  Fridays will be mysore style for the three Fridays that they are here, June 28th, July 5th and 12th.

To smooth the transition in I will teach with Kirsten and Mitchell the first two days of class, Monday, June 24th and Tuesday June 25th. I will be on early and they will teach the later shift, starting at 700 am. We will also follow a similar schedule for the last 2-3 days, July 10-12th. If anything else changes we will keep you informed as we go along.

For those of you who are newer to practicing with us at YIY, Kirsten and Mitchell are truly warm and delightful teachers and I am assured you will enjoy the time you have with them. Please, and this goes for all of you, don’t hesitate to tell them in as succinct a fashion as possible anything they need to know about what’s going on for you, so they are best able to work with you while they are here. And please note, that all this is at no additional cost.

Thank you all for your flexibility and support of these YIY events, and I hope you will enjoy their visit as much as I will.

See you all soon,


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