Filming this Sunday: cancelled see comment

Hey folks,

It has been suggested that it would be nice to have video footage of a mysore class for the yiy website. We have a long history of photos and group photos but have never managed to get a video clip up on the website.

Only people interested in participation are asked to do so. I will not post or film even so much as a foot or toe of someone who doesn’t want to be filmed/publicized doing their practice. And we will have a written form where you can officially agree to be filmed. But I hope people will agree to being there in the footage, as I hope to show that the yiy mysore class is a place for anyone that is inspired to try it.

Toward that end this Sunday we will try to do some filming around eight am. If you don’t want to participate you can do your practice in the first half of the room. And we will announce this again before we start. I  hope to not keep anyone from doing their practice, and I apologize if this poses any inconvenience for anyone. We will keep this short, sweet and positive for any who want to participate.


One thought on “Filming this Sunday: cancelled see comment

  1. Anne Post author

    Hi again,

    Upon further research I don’t think we are going to do any filming during a normal class. I will not film tomorrow and we will seek to do this is some other way at some other time. Please come and do your practice and be assured we won’t be attempting to film during a normally scheduled class again.


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