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Anne here again from Portland.

I just wanted to send you a thank you, or pass on a thank you, a while back I passed on a request for good thoughts for Felix, the son of a practitioner in our community here in Portland. Well in my inbox this afternoon was an email from Tina, his mother:

Om shanti, friends and yoginis. I wanted to let you know that i am back to
teaching yoga after a 3 month break to be with my son Felix. As some of
you know, he fell 36 feet from a tree on June 2nd, and sustained several
bone and skull fractures as well as acute brain injuries. He spent 10.5
weeks in the hospital, and is back home with us, still healing and
recovering. He is doing remarkably well, and so do his sisters and all of
us who have lived through the trauma of this summer. Thank you to all who
have held Felix and our family in their thoughts and prayers — there are
no words fitting enough to express how deeply grateful we are for every
word and work of Spirit that has been sent our way…
Blessings to you and your children,
Tina Lilly

Their story is still up on, it is quite an amazing story of healing, if you have time to read it. And of course, Tina has been back in class here doing her practice, safe and sound, and she told me this week that the experience ended up being one of the best things that ever has happened to her.

Hope you all are well, and I should be down in October during David to say hi to everybody, and see you all then.

All the best,


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