Encinitas with Tim and YIY workshop on Friday 13th

Hi All at YIY

I’m taking advantage of Steve and Hannah being away, and decided that a change of scene might clear my PhD writers block. I couldn’t justify a complete retreat, so thought practicing with Tim in Encinitas, and spending the rest of the day writing was a good compromise. Today was my first day, lead primary, with ? 40 others in a hot sweaty room. It was wonderful! Tims’s warmth (!) (is that why I sweated so much…or was it the bike ride to the practice?:-)) towards all his students was visable, palpable. That interspersed with “much cheating” “bad lady” and “lazy feet” (hopefully not all directed at me :-)) much laughter and good humour, makes this a man you must spend time with if you can. SO if you havent signed up for the workshop on Friday….get your finger out 🙂

Pranayama tomorrow morning at 6 followed by mysore will be a first for me, and will let you know how it goes.

Finally, I can recommend this as a top vacation spot too, the beaches and sea are awe inspiring, the surf looks great, and so far I’ve been disciplined enough to keep out of the sea….but if the work keeps going as well as it is, maybe I can get a day off 🙂

Love to all



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