Encinitas: Conclusions


I thought I would write more sooner but things got busy in Encinitas.

Well whenever you have a group of people their needs digress. Or should we say when there are two absolutely amazing teachers in a small town like Encinitas at the same time who can resist? So everyone got a good sampling I think. Then to boot on our last day of led second series with Sharath who should appear but Timji himself.

I told Tim after class that his presence in the room lifted us all a little higher that day. I don’t know about the rest of folks but I surely needed it. 🙂

He said that like Guruji,  it made Sharath really happy just to have him in the room. They even posed for photos at the end of class.

So I think the current story of Ashtanga yoga played out in Encinitas this week, we have great teachers, we are lucky indeed, and  ultimately there is love going around.

Thank you to Tim, thank you Sharath, and Cudos to our crew from Yiy for representing and for the awesome culinary creations too.


Yes it did really happen….


Amazing times.

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