Edgwood Eats Gourmet trucks April 4, 5-8 pm

Some *exciting* news re: Edgewood Shopping Center (Embarcadero just West of 101, in Palo Alto):  The Fresh Market, a NC-based gourmet grocery chain emphasizing a specialty neighborhood grocer feeling, is interested in opening their first CA store at Edgewood! They have heard the buzz about Edgewood Eats and are flying out tomorrow to witness firsthand the energy and enthusiasm that Edgewood Eats generates.  Once TFM sees that a 3-hour pop-up gathering like EE can command so many customers, Edgewood’s owners believe they’ll be much more convinced to anchor the new retail center. So please, please, please help ensure a HUGE turnout tomorrow–Monday, April 4 from 5 to 8 pm:  tell your neighbors, your friends, your colleagues, your workout pals, your kids’ teachers–post on Facebook–Tweet—do whatever it takes to bring out the masses and welcome TFM to Palo Alto. It’s going to be a warm night…bring out your drinks, chairs, picnic blankets, frisbees…we’re working on a broadcast of the Final  Four championship game, but go ahead and set the DVR just in case.

If the prospect of great retail (at last !!!) isn’t reason enough to come out to Edgewood Eats tomorrow, note that all of the trucks will donate a portion of tomorrow night’s proceeds to Doctors’ Without Borders for disaster relief efforts in Japan.

Edgewood Eats is a weekly Monday occurrence, from 5 to 8pm.

 April 4’s fabulous truck lineup:

* The Shack Mobile:  Old Port Lobster Shack on wheels–wicked lobster rolls & chowder
* Eat On Monday:  Chinese steamed buns based on organic and locally sourced ingredients
* Hapa SF
* BBQ Kalbi
* Tikka Bytes
* MoBowl
* House of Siam on Wheels
* Butterscotch on the Go

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