Donations for India

So I have been asked to carry some money to India for donations. From the many, there are three particularly worth causes of the moment. If you want to donate, please see me before I leave this Saturday.

1. The Tibetan Settlement. Bylakuppe and the monks that live there. They are supported by the Indian government and outside donations. You can specify that I give the money to the women’s monastery or the men’s.

2. Krishna the Tailor’s family. He made many of the purses and bags that went into our benefit for ASIS. He passed away this year of a heart attack at 42. He left a wife and two children. He also left a second wife (bad man) who stands to receive nothing because she was not legally his wife, in spite of the fact that she married him. She also has children. Krishna’s brother has over the shop, and will support the first wife but not the second.

3. The most in need, ASIS. Tracy does this work in Mysore and you can make donations over the web at This is a volunteer organization that donates all monies directly to the cause which you can read about at the website. They are doing wonderful work in Mysore, and your contributions are tax deductable. I won’t take money for them, as its easier and better all round to send them money here, but its good to know about if you are considering donating to anyone.

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