David Roche

Hi everyone,

So most of you know David Roche will be teaching an intensive at YIY for a month starting 10/16. Typically he teaches morning Mysore classes and then two additional classes he calls prelude classes. These prelude classes serve as his own “commentary” on the practice are designed to inform our practice of primary and second series, respectively.

Last year the prelude classes were held at 530 am on Sundays and Tuesdays. That was a bit early for some.  🙂

This year we would like to hold the primary preludes class at noon on Sundays to give beginning students greater access to it.

For second series, however, there is a choice: Would people prefer to have the class on Tuesdays at 530 am, or Mondays at 900 am? Class would be 1.5 hours, if you care vote by emailing me or commenting here. I’d like to make it so as many of you who want to come are able to.

Additionally we have yet to find a place for David Roche to stay that month. He prefers to be alone, so we are looking for a place he can stay alone. You would be comped for any classes you want to take with him. Also if you live alone and would be perhaps willing to trade for the month, Ken and Elaine would be happy to host any of you that were willing to move for the month.

Let me know if you think you can help or know anyone who might also be able to. And if applicable please “vote” on the timing for the second series prelude class.



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