David Roche 5 Class Pass and Drop Ins

Hi folks,

We are happy to announce that we are adding a 5 class pass for David’s month-long intensive. Also while we aren’t doing drop ins you can buy an extra class if you are already signed up for 25 per class. While the 545 and 615 time slots are full, the later slots, ie 645, 715 and 745 still have some room.

Lastly, we have currently scheduled the fri led for 630-830 am. We could move the class earlier if it would help people that need to be at work. Just let me know over email if you have strong feelings and we will do what we can to accommodate people’s needs.

I will be in Encinitas until Wednesday and Beata will be there this week after Sunday.  Dave will help Beata on Sunday, and Mojdeh will be with you Monday and Tuesday with Dave on Monday and Philippe helping Tuesday. Have a great few days and see you all soon,


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