Couple of things

Hi all,

Long time no write. Anne Finstad here, former teacher at YIY now living and teaching in Portland, OR.

Two things to relate to you all. The first is that an old friend is at Massage School in Palo Alto and needs guinea pigs, for free massage for his sports massage class. Yay! I explained to him that yogis might be interested, but that we don’t train for events, and he said it was just fine. Here’s an excerpt from him:

I am taking a Sports Massage Class. The class requires that I give 20 massages to athletes (people who excercise 3 times a week and perferably someone who is in training for an event, such as a race, on a sports team, or just trying to get into condition). If you or someone you know is an athlete, then please email me with your or their email address. I need to give these massages during the months of June and July.
— Ross Lemcke —

If you want to email me if you are interested, annefinstad at, I will be happy to forward your email to Ross.

The second thing is of a much sadder (although getting slightly better) nature. Three weeks ago a student didn’t turn up on Monday, per her regular schedule, and I found out on Tuesday that unfortunately over the weekend her 10 year old son had fallen 25 feet out of a tree and was severely injured. She a prenatal yoga teacher, with many connections in the community here, and her husband Mark is the founder of Street Yoga, an organization that brings yoga to homeless and at risk kids. Wonderful family. So Felix had skull fractures, and compound fractures to his right femur and left wrist, if I gather all correctly. He’s not woken up but has managed to survive and is responding to some verbal cues.
They are moving him out of ICU today, which is another good sign.

So lots of people are sending good thoughts for this kid, but I wanted to pass on the opportunity to you all, and ask you to send thoughts or prayers their way, Mark, Tina, Felix, Saskia, and Hanah Lilly. Hanah was with him when he fell.

And Mark is keeping a blog, the site is, you click on visit site and type in Felixlilly and it will take you there. Read at your own risk, he’s a wonderful writer, going through a very intense time, it is both very sad and very inspiring.

So I hope you all are well, stay well, and as Mark enjoins, please treasure everything you have.

All the best, and peace,


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