Correction/ Update

Hi all,

Tucked amidst the other announcements last Friday was a note on our photo project, where we plan to record photos of ashtangi’s from YIY in their favorite poses for posterity and charity. Whilst I did say Saturday, I recorded the first date of the photo shoot as the 20th when it is indeed the 19th. This will also be the day of our next YIY potluck, to be held at Joseph and Sabina’s house in Palo Alto. Timings are 2-5 pm for the photos shoot, though we will use a sign up sheet to arrange times, and also have follow up dates to take pic for those who can’t make that day, and 6:00 to 8:30/9:00 ish for the potluck. This will be announced again.

I will see you all when I return Monday. Have a great weekend and enjoy mysore on Sunday with Philippe and Dave.


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